International Women’s day 8th March 2021

International Women’s Day – Time to celebrate the resilience and courage of women with multiple and complex needs

For International Women’s Day 2021 Fulfilling Lives South East would like to focus on the extraordinary Women with Multiple Complex Needs we work with and highlight that, despite enormous inequalities and trauma, they are survivors. They may not lead multinational organisations but they are incredibly strong women who work hard every day to take positive steps towards a better happier life, despite the world of stigma, abuse, judgment and unfairness they face every day.

Below are the reflections of one of our Women’s Workers:

“What I am amazed about working with Woman who experience complex needs is the resilience they show. It’s easy to get caught up in what isn’t working well but let’s remember what they have survived and use the strength to believe in ability to change. I have learnt so much about my own resilience in this work and have been challenged more than I ever have in my career, but seeing the results is worth it. Hearing someone say for the first time they felt understood, safe and held is massive for healing.

The women have taught me how to be more playful and use humour in my work as well as the need for woman to help each other up, not tear each other down like the rest of society. I have gained huge respect for these women but at same time seen the inequalities, stigma and re-traumatization our systems create for them. We can’t ignore this and need to keep fighting for change and seeing these women with the compassion they deserve.

Please take a moment to think whether you could get up and face the day after losing your children, experiencing abuse and violence most of your life, being refused safe housing or treatment and feeling worthless? These remarkable women do, so let’s celebrate them on International Women’s Day and every day.”

We also, on International Women’s Day, celebrate our Women’s workers who daily have to navigate precarious pathways with the women they work with to try to ensure they receive the help they need and deserve when they need it. This is a lot to carry but they do so with professionalism, empathy humour and creativity. They too are strong resilient women and we celebrate them today.

So, on this International Women’s Day, show your support for women from all walks of life and follow the hashtags #choosetochallenge #IWD2021 for more information and to connect with others who will be celebrating women across the world.

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