COVID-19 Initial Impact Report

As with the rest of the world, we at Fulfilling Lives have been significantly impacted by the coronavirus outbreak that took hold in March. Our teams have had to rapidly adapt to new ways of working, which has been especially challenging for the client-facing teams. Due to the speed at which the Coronavirus pandemic has escalated, and the degree of uncertainty of its ongoing impact, we have had to act quickly to formulate an appropriate response. Part of our response has been to try and capture client and worker experiences ‘on the ground’, and to gain insight into:

  • The challenges our clients are facing in this difficult time and how they are adapting and coping.
  • The challenges that front-line workers are facing in adapting to new ways of working, often remotely.
  • The ways support systems have changed and the gaps and barriers in service provision that appear to have a disproportionate impact on people with multiple and complex needs.
  • Examples of successes, creative solutions and good practice, as we seek to understand what good or even best practice looks like, in this highly challenging situation.

To begin capturing this data a survey was conducted with all specialist workers and area leads in FL SE (Brighton & Hove, Eastbourne, and Hastings). The initial findings from this survey are summarised in this report and will feed into further research, evaluation, and shared learning

The full report is available to download below:

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